Anvl Custom Miniatures gives you complete control over the size of your tabletop gaming characters. From halflings and giant vikings to gnomes and orcs, you can create anything you can imagine. Using our smart sliders you can easily adjust your character's height, weight, muscularity and much more!

All of our custom miniatures are designed to follow the widely used 28mm scale with a customizable 1" inch base. 

This means that by default, our character height slider will allow you to create models ranging from between 25mm to 40mm in height, giving you an incredible amount of flexibility over your characters overall appearence.

Looking for larger scale models? We've got you covered! Simply select the Size option in our custom miniature designer and you can double up to a 2x scale model complete with 2" base of your choice.

As well as all body dimensions being fully customizable, we also give you control over the proportions of your character. This allows you to go one step further and experiment with different characteristics such as head, hand and feet size to unlock a whole new world of different artistic styles.

Excited to get started? Dive straight in and start designing your one of a kind custom miniature with no sign up required!

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